Tooth removal | Live surgery: How to work sytematically and handle complications

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Sinus complications
Good advice post surgical
Surgical complications

CE Credits: 6

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Jens Lætgaard


Mats Gade Philipson


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About this course

Tooth removal is still a big part of our daily lives as dentists. Many of us won’t admit it, but surgical tooth removal can often give us stress and self-doubt, which can lead to additional waiting time with anxious patients in crowded waiting rooms. This course will help you feel more comfortable with the surgical procedure itself and the workflow around it.

The course will give you the answers to:

How do you handle the patient’s general health status and chronic conditions?

What are the newest guidelines for antiresorptive medications such as bisphosphonate?

When should you consider referring the tooth to a colleague?

Is it okay to “just take the fissure bur” sometimes?
Or should you always set up a sterile dressing? Does it even make a difference?

Do you have the right tools in your toolbox? 

And is there any real difference between a luxation and an elevator?

The course is relevant for you, whether you’re an experienced dental surgeon or if you’re a younger dentist that’s just getting started.

Course content

The live course covers the essential treatment steps and decisions throughout a surgical tooth removal procedure – from the easy removal to the complex surgical procedure. You will learn how to remove teeth in a safe, time-efficient, and predictable way.

The course will address the surgical procedure both theoretically and practically, giving special attention to:

Assessment of risks and severity

Stress-free time allocation – without any time waste

Optimal instrument packaging

Review of the essential steps of tooth removal

Decision tree about luxation, elevation, sectioning, gingival flap elevation etc.